"... a stellar cello premiere. The performance (David Dzubay Sonata) seemed to me a model of clarity and intent."

John Ardoin
Dallas Morning News


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cello accompaniments

Cello Accompaniments

Carter Enyeart's dedication to cello pedagogy inspired him to create second cello parts for the 40 challenging etudes of the High School of Cello Playing by David Popper. They were composed as teaching aids that provide a second stable and guiding voice which enables the student to better hear the harmonic direction of these often exceedingly chromatic compositions, and therefore play them with better intonation. These "Accompaniments ad Libitum" are published by International Music Company of NYC (IMC #3631), and are available everywhere sheet music is sold. Enyeart's forthcoming new editions of etudes and other works by Popper, Dotzauer, Cossmann, and others are also published by IMC.

Cello 2 Accompaniments

The Popper accompaniments have been well received, and that success inspired Enyeart to create more accompaniments for a second cellist for many of the popular works that students learn during their training years. These reductions provide all of the essential harmonic, rhythmic and melodic elements in the piano or orchestral score and can be used in lessons and recitals to enhance the learning experience by providing a broader musical context when a pianist is not available, and preparing the student for the full accompaniment at a later stage.

A partial list of available Cello 2 Accompaniments:

The Swan - St Saëns
Danse Rustique - Squire
Rondo in D - Bréval
Gavotte - Popper
Sonata in G - Sammaritini
Elègié- Fauré
Concerto in B Flat - Boccherini/Grutzmacher
Concerto in C - Haydn

Visit: www.cello2accompaniments.com for a complete list of titles which can be downloaded.

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